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      The Perry Township Small Claims Court is a cooperative effort between three township officials: Judge Robert Spear, Constable David Taylor, and Trustee Susie Day.  Judge Spear presides over all claims presented to the court, Constable Taylor oversees order in the court room and issues all papers from the court, and Trustee Day is responsible for fiscal oversight of the court. All of whom serve four-year terms.
      Every Township in Marion County has a Small Claims Court.  The Perry Township consists of an office manager and three full time clerks.  Hearing over 6,000 cases per year, the Court is designed to provide quick and easy access to persons with legal grievances with claims of $6,000 or less, except for cases between a landlord and tenant. 
      A case may be filed in any township small claims court within the county; however, cases involving landlord and tenant disputes must be filed in the township where the property is located.






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