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                             WILLIAM MONDARY


After nearly two decades of service with the Perry Township Trustee’s Office,
William Mondary is retiring. For the past ten years he has served as supervisor
for the Township Assistance office  However, his duties with Perry Township
have been quite varied over the years. He has filled most of the positions that
have become available as the Township has grown. His last day with the township
will be March 31st, 2009.

Before joining Perry Township, Mondary has worn many hats. As a young man the first job he remembers was on a base where his father was stationed. He worked as a gas station attendant and washed windows and checked oil for the customers. At age 19 he followed his father’s example and chose to join the service. Mondary joined the United State Air Force as an Information Specialist. He served his country from 1957 to 1964. After leaving the service he has been everything from an AT&T lineman, to a cab driver/dispatcher, typesetter, journalist and disc jockey. His tour included being stationed as far away as Greenland to as close as Nebraska. Some of the part-time positions Mondary held deserve special mention. One job in particular was when Mondary worked as a lineman for AT&T installing telephone lines in Iowa and Illinois. His crew was responsible for installing the “new wave” in transmission lines known as “microwave lines” and today we are awaiting the transition to total digital.

During another segment of his career, Mondary worked as a disc jockey. The first radio station was  KLMS in Nebraska. His career followed him back to Indiana where he worked with WSMJ and WQFE in Brownsburg, WXTZ, WSMJ, WXFX-FM and WIRE in Indianapolis. He had found he really enjoyed reporting and “sharing the news. And, as a DJ, he had the opportunity to meet several of the country artists on their way to fame. Some of those names include Johnny Cash, Box Car Willie, Loretta Lynn, Gene Autry and Jim Reeves. One special radio celebrity you might recall is “Captain Bill”.  Mondary was Captain Bill the daily traffic reporter with WIRE from around 1989 till the early 1990’s.

In February, 1992 Mondary joined Perry Township. He began as a dispatcher with MECA. When MECA moved and the township downsized, he was transferred to the maintenance department. Mondary worked with the fire department’s fleet services, has mowed grass, maintained the cemeteries, handled building maintenance and delivered supplies to the fire stations during his time with the township. As supervisor of the Township Assistance Department for the past ten years, Mondary has helped many in our community. He said, “I have seen many lives turn around. When you see you have helped a family who is struggling and you can help them get over the “hump”, it is very gratifying. Some of the clients we have assisted over the years come back and visit just to let us know how they are doing. ”

Mondary has been instrumental in the efficient operation of the Township Assistant’s Office during our administration," noted Gary Coons. On behalf of the Board of Trustee’s and his fellow workers, “I would like to thank Mondary for his service to the community and to wish him the best in his retirement." Although Mondary is reluctant to leave because of all the friends he will leave behind, he is looking forward to traveling. He wants to spend time with his four grown children who live across the country, and visit his 11 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

The Township has named Jane Lane as his successor. She has been with the Township Assistance office for the past four years and looks forward to the opportunities she will encounter as she moves into this new dimension within her department.

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